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Factors Affecting Changes In A Landscape Structure

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Since the beginning of the time people have found the way to grow food from earth. We have early writings about this even in the Bible, the story about Kane and Able, where one was farmer and the other was agriculturist. At that time humans used primitive tools that they own built, to work the land. Today we have other picture, technology has advanced, people don’t do anything whit their hands anymore except to manage the machines.


Shape of the Earth has changed and people have largely contributed to that. On their way to produce more food they started to forget about the land and hers natural resources. Machinery prevailed. In order to successfully grow some culture on the land you first have to understand her. Every part of the World has different way of cultivation and different cultures that they produce.

Like evidence to that we can mention few examples on different continents and states: from cascading cultivation of rice in the mountainous parts of China to growing of food in Israel Kibuc where people conquer the desert and make fertile land and another one is drying of the see in Netherlands in order to gain fertile land.

The other type of landscaping is called gardening the art of using plants and trees in order to create beautiful environment.

o-GARDENING-TOOL-facebookThis is usually achieved with the help of horticulturist and artistic designers. Now days, it has become fashionable that people make from their yards, gardens that look like some lost tropical paradise. Lot of plants adapted on a different climate conditions. We know can see this type of landscaping in city parks and in front of significant buildings. Any sort of flowers planted in different shapes in all kind of coloring and size, exotic type of trees are rising like from the water. And all that is done so that some terrain would look more scenic.

Machinery has advance so much that humans now can change landforms, terrain shape and elevation or bodies of water. They are creating a suitable terrain for their own needs. Like when they are building a new colony. Humans are in possibility to change with bulldozers whole terrain and make him approachable for the building, to move river banks in order to make high ways or to drill a mountain or the hill to make the tunnel for the railway.

CO2-in-cloudsNatural forces like the weather or lighting are changing the landscape as well. Erosions and earthquakes are destroying and forming new shapes too. We just have to be careful because the nature is unstoppable force that cannot be controlled. Even now, things are starting to get out of our hand. People destroy rain forests in order to make fertile land and they don’t think what kinds of an impact will that have on future Earth.

Carbon dioxide is increasing by the hour, creating the green house effect; level of water is rising, so we all should think about it, maybe in the future we don’t have to change our environment, because the changes would be unstoppable.


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